The English-Pointer is a muscular, well defined dog with a long neck and tapered tail, never docked. With a short and shiny coat, primarily white, although black, orange and liver are also common colors, either speckled or solid patched, also tri-colored.

Pointers are athletic, full of energy. He is a true friend, loyal and devoted, affectionate, clean and intelligent. They are very adaptable and socialize well with humans and other pets, they are not usually aggressive. If they are hunt oriented they do not make good pets.

Pointers grow unto about 24 inches in height, weigh about 40-60 pounds and live for approximately 14 years. They are prone to hip dysplasia, skin conditions and thyroid problems.

Pointers need a lot of exercise as they are tireless, energetic animals, who will keep you fit with regular long walks.

They make excellent Upland bird dogs, but adapt well to other game. His best work is done on land as they are uncomfortable in water and not expected to retrieve game from water.

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