Proper Hunting Supplies for Goose-hunting

Goose-hunting is a sport and any sport must be worked at in order to achieve a level of excellent performance. In addition to practicing the actual skill of shooting, the hunter needs to compile the proper hunting supplies for his use. Moreover, he needs to learn how to use these hunting supplies as well.

Goose hunting over decoys necessitates a few important purchases by the hunter. Fortunately, numerous stores and online websites sell goose hunting supplies in a great variety of brands, styles, and prices. It is important for the hunter to select his location first, since that will determine to some extent the nature of his other supplies.

Location is a key facet to any goose hunter’s experience. Hunters should carefully select their hunting location, as this is perhaps the most important decision to make. Choosing the right spot will almost guarantee that the hunter will shoot their limit. However, if the spot a hunter selects to set up their hunting gear isn’t a spot that the geese will be near, he will have a poor go of it. After all, you cannot shoot what isn’t there. Therefore, in addition to making a decision on whether he is going to shoot over water or over land, the hunter should do some initial scouting to determine the most likely place for geese to frequent.

goose Selection of the goose call is also important, but practice on the goose call is critical. What good is the goose caller, if you don’t know how to make realistic goose sounds with it? Goose-hunters should select a short reed call, since they are typically louder and faster than the flute styles. Moreover, the short reed call will produce every sound that the hunter needs to attract a goose, if he practices.

Goose decoys are an excellent investment for a goose hunter. Silhouette goose decoys take up less space than the full body decoys, therefore, they are more practical for many hunters for whom storage space becomes an issue during the off season. Additionally, these silhouettes are more practical for the hunter who cannot drive out to his location, but instead, must walk. Moreover, the silhouettes are quite realistic. Additionally, if a hunter is planning on hunting over water, then he should invest in floating goose decoys. They are equally realistic, but again, as with the full body land models, ample storage space will be necessary.

Flags are excellent to attract a flock of geese, especially a distant flock, to your decoys. The sense of motion the flags give will be noticed by any flock of geese that you can see. However, it is important to note that the hunter must have a sufficient flock of decoys for the geese to notice as well.

Blinds are essential to a hunter. The Goose-hunter needs to be invisible in order to have the best advantage when hunting. Selection of the perfect blind will depend upon the hunting location. The camouflage worn should match the colors of the hunting location as closely as possible, so that the hunter blends into his surroundings. Today’s blinds are portable and easy to transport. This allows the hunter to move his location from one day to the next, even if he only moves it a few yards. I Recommend starting your search at , there you will find an extensive range of products.

A repeating shotgun should be the gun of choice for the goose hunter. A 10 or 12 gauge will do best and works quite well for goose hunting. A 20 gauge shot gun packs too powerful a punch and really isn’t necessary.

Using the proper tools will enable a hunter to consistently lure the geese to his decoy area and increase his chances for success. Hunters can experiment from year to year with different locations and blinds, goose calls, and flags and decoys.

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