Why Every Hunter Needs a Hunting Dog

Hunting-dogs are a special breed of dogs that have been trained to support humans when they are hunting. They are extremely useful to humans because they can perform many tasks that are beneficial to people. They are especially useful to hunters during hunting expeditions; since they can help them find their prey. Hunting dogs come in various classifications such as: hounds, gun dogs, terriers and curs.

Hounds- Hounds are grouped into sight hounds and scent hounds.

Sight hounds specialize in tracking down their prey by keeping them in their sight. They are experts when it comes to detecting movement because they have great vision.

Characteristically, they have long legs, ears that have small flaps, and a very powerful cardiovascular system. They are extremely agile, which is advantageous since they have to chase fast animals on the run.

Scent hounds- Are hounds that hunt using their sense of smell to track their prey. They have larger nasal cavities which helps them follow the scent of the killed or wounded animals, or fallen prey. These hunting dogs are trained to perform these tasks starting when they are just pups.

Some hunters train their hunting dogs to follow scent by familiarizing them with the scent of the blood of the prey. They leave a trail of blood that leads to a piece of meat on the field and let it sit out for a while: then they instruct their hunting dogs to track down the scent of blood. When the hunting dogs have found the end of the trail they are rewarded by signs of affection and praised by their master. The purpose of this training is to familiarize the dog with trailing the blood and the scent of a fallen game so they will be ready when it comes time to go on a real hunting expedition.

In some states such as: Michigan, Vermont, Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York just to name a few; using dogs to retrieve deer, and other large prey has been legalized. In other states this practice has not been adapted so hunters, who are thinking of taking their hunting dogs with them on their expedition for this purpose, need to check the regulations and rules of the state, pertaining to this matter.

Gun Dogs - Are hunting-dogs that help their master retrieve their shot game, including birds. They are also sometimes called: bird dogs.

Terrier - This is a type of dog that was originally bred for the purpose of hunting and slaying vermin.

Curs - This is the term usually used for dogs that are not purebred and is often deemed derogatory. But cur also applies to the types of hunting dogs that have been developed in the United States for the purposes of assisting in hunting. They are known for their great hunting skills and abilities.

Taking care of hunting-dogs

Hunting-dogs need to be kept in good shape so it is necessary for their owners to carefully attend to their health; they should given a healthy diet. There's always the risk of the dog becoming overweight if its diet is not carefully supervised.

Some dogs, such as greyhounds need special attention when it comes to their diet. They are better off eating three small meals a day, because they have the tendency to become bloated if they attempt to eat heavy meals. Greyhounds are extremely susceptible when it comes to pesticides, chemicals, and even medication; even flea collars can be harmful to a greyhound.

Hunting-dogs constantly need to exercise to maintain their agility and keep them in top shape. Their nails need to be trimmed at least every 2-3 weeks and hey must be given regular baths to keep them clean.


Hunting-dogs should be trained to socialize with people, especially if the hunting-dogs are also the family’s’ pets. Owners should get them accustomed to interacting with different types of people. Some hunting-dogs are sociable by nature, such as a greyhound.

Remember that hunting-dogs are predatory by nature. They might pose some danger to small animals, pets, and even small children if they have not been trained to refrain from acting upon these instincts.

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Hunting-dogs are a great companion to any hunter since they can perform tasks that humans find extremely difficult. This is why hunting-dogs are priced according to their capabilities. They are truly remarkable creatures that will be beneficial to any hunter.

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