Small game hunting in New-York

Hunting is a sport that has captured the imagination of almost every strapping lad and occasional lady from the East Coast to the West. In some circles, it is considered a male baptism of fire, a rite of passage. By statistics alone, hunting is well-accepted by the male population of America.

Some states are well-known for different types of hunting areas. New-York as a state is rich in small game (rabbit, hare, squirrel, and grouse) as well as a number of species of fish.

Statistically speaking, hunting in New-York State accounts for about $115 million in state travel, income, and sales annually. This amount can support approximately 2,326 teachers or fund the education expenses of about 11,559 students yearly.

New York State also has various reserves to hunt in for the small game hunter. The State owns over 80 WMA’s or Wildlife Management Areas, containing a little over 124,000 acres of uplands and 53,000 acres of wetlands.

Here are some New-York State public lands available for hunting. You are required to check with the local authorities for information on licenses and open seasons:

hunting 1. Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA). New York State’s largest WMA, covering over 11,000 acres of natural wilderness. This area favors grouse, turkey and deer. The land is not suitable for agriculture so the State acquired it for use as a game refuge. The forests are made up of birch, beech, maple and hemlock with a smattering of pine and conifers.

2. Happy Valley WMA. Good for hunting small game. The area is more or less flat and pocked with areas of poor drainage, creating marshes that attract waterfowl. This area receives a lot of precipitation and it is advised that hunters equip for the occasion.

3. Little John WMA. This 8,020 acre lot is heavily forested. Few roads and tracks dot the landscape. It is a refreshing welcome for the veteran hunter.

4. Rattlesnake Hill WMA. This 5,100 acre land is what most people would describe as rolling. Located near agricultural lands, this Wildlife Management Area, is dynamic for its diversity of woodlands, conifers, meadows and old apple orchards.

5. High Tor WMA. This area is rugged with a lot of steep hiking for hunters looking for a challenge. Rocky hills dot the landscape.

6. Erwin WMA. This 3,000 acre piece of property is covered with hardwoods and conifer plantations. The area is hilly and steep as well.

7. Hanging Bog WMA. This area is similar to the Rattlesnake Hill WMA.

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