Small Game Hunting in Ontario, Canada

Those who hunt regularly and want a change of scenery can travel up north of the border into Canada and find a nice place to hunt in Ontario. There are many types of animals for people to hunt and the most sought after up north are ducks. This is because of their migration patterns which last from the winter months until early spring.

Through the years, this has become a tradition and the locals and those from out of town are welcome as long as the necessary documents are in order.

Ontario hunting There are two things that are required for hunting. The first is the license which costs $17. The other is the Habitat Stamp which must be affixed to the permit. This will cost $8.50. These are ready on the 1st of August each year and can be purchased at the Canadian Post sales counters and retail outlets. When these two items have been secured, the person can hunt for ducks.

Besides ducks, people can hunt Snow Geese, Rails, Common Snipes, Woodcocks and the American Coots during their open seasons.

The state has made certain rules that apply to hunting. Those on a boat are not allowed to fire at the birds until the boat has come to a complete stop. The bullets used must be lead-free since people could die of poisoning when the duck is consumed.

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Since there are many birds that migrate into Ontario, hunters are not allowed to fire at these animals from a distance over 437 yards if bait has been placed in the area. People can fire at will after this has lapsed for over a week.

There are other rules that the hunter must be aware of especially if that person is from out of town. These include the schedule of the open seasons, other regulations that people must abide by, and the limit on the number of animals that can be hunted. All of this information is available in a brochure that can be acquired at the Canadian Post Outlet.

Those who want to have fun have two alternatives; the first is to ask the locals where the best hunting spots are or the second is to hire a guide.

Ontario isn’t as far away as some people may think. All anyone has to do is pack up for a few days then drive up north across the border into Canada.

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