Small Game Hunting in the State of Texas

Hunting has been around for many years. People who used to hunt for their food now use it as a means to control the number of species in a given area.

Those who want to hunt in Texas are required to obtain a license. Since there are many different animals, those who wish to hunt for a particular species - for example, fowl - must obtain a license and a special stamp which will allow them to hunt that species. This rule also applies to those from out of state before they are permitted to hunt.

There are over 2,000 hunting locations in the state making it easy for people to hunt in all areas. A list of these locations can be found in gun shops, sporting good stores, department stores, groceries, etc.; just look then up in the directory or ask the locals for directions. Those who find it inconvenient to go to these places to purchase a license can get a permit through the internet by connecting to the Wildlife Management Association website and paying the fee using a credit card. After a few minutes, all the papers will be in order making it possible to hunt in the state.

bird hunting People who want to hunt in Texas should know the regulations and the seasons implemented by the State. There are restrictions on the number of animals that can be killed on a single day. This is to maintain the balance with the number of a species in a certain area.

Birds have migratory patterns and regulations only allow hunters to hunt them during the late summer until early spring. Ducks can only be hunted during winter and each person is only allowed to kill a specified number on a single day.

Deer can only be hunted in November and December. Those who want to hunt an alligator have to get a special permit and hunting them is only permissible in the month of September.

Since Texas is a large area and divided into counties, those who wish to hunt should check with the locals to determine what the regulations are. This will avoid getting into trouble with the law which would spoil the hunting expedition.

Those who want to hunt in the state can either hire a guide to lead the way or ask for some tips from the locals and head on out into the field. By knowing the “ins and outs”, your hunting expedition promises to be an adventure that will not be forgotten.

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