Weimaraners are beautiful, sleek, athletic animals with a short fine coat. They come in all shades of grey, the head and ears are a lighter shade than the rest of the body and have their tail docked to about an inch and a half at a couple of days old.

They are quick to learn, intelligent and affectionate, however they are very wilful and a little stubborn and therefore require firm training from the start.

They are very protective of their territory, brave, loyal and will fight other dogs. They need to be part of the family as they crave affection, do not relegate them to the kennel.

They grow to about 27 inches in height, weigh about 70 pounds and live for approximately 12 years.

They are also prone to hip dysplasia, hyper tropic osteodystrophy and tumours.

They love to run free with lots of regular exercise, but not after meals as they are prone to bloating, feed 2-3 times a day instead of one large meal.

They are excellent at hunting, retrieving, tracking and pointing, with webbed feet the make good swimmers.


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