If you live in the path of the blue-goose, it will be no trouble to find during the migrating and nesting season, for it winters on the coast of Louisiana, and covers the territory of the general Mississippi valley, flying as tar north as Manitoba and James Bay.

On the water it appears as a medium-sized goose, readily identifiable by its white neck and head and dark body. In flight they are even easier to identify because of the great color contrast. They fly in modified V's and bunches. Their call, particularly in the air, is a high-pitched whistle and chatter of high notes.

This is one goose which has increased in numbers during the past few years. Their habits are similar to the other geese mentioned on this website.

A good way to find the best times to see these and other migratory waterfowl is to study the game laws and discover the open hunting areas, as well as the sanctuaries. You can go there with your camera and glasses and see this grand game bird. There is a certain majesty about geese that no other game bird seems to display. Watching them descend on the water, or take off, bunch together -and assemble a flight pattern is something to observe. Here you will witness true organization at its best.

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