The Importance Of Camouflage In Small Game Hunting

Camouflage is very significant in any type of hunting activity. Understand that in hunting, it is never a “fashion statement”, where functionality is more important than appearance.

Animals can locate a movement and therefore determine the presence of the hunter more than the site of a concealled hunter standing still. This means that silence and concealment go hand in hand.

Camo' will hide your outline as well as help you to blend in with your surroundings, in order to spot and aim at your prey without them being aware of your presence.

The type of material used for your camo' clothing is very important to attain silence when moving about. A noisy garment will scare your prey away. Brushed denim, 100 % cotton, saddle-cloth, fleece garments or wool are materials that might be used

Here are camouflage guidelines:

1. Choose camo' using similar dominant colors as the area you are in. Match the patterns to the background, then wear a different pattern on your shirt and pants.

2. When you are 40 yards away from your prey, merge into the environment.

3. Avoid your prey’s eye level and scrunch down near the ground.

4. Be aware of the reflection of the sun from your glasses’ lenses as it will startle the animal. Wear a “full billed” hat and pull it down over your eyes to avoid the sun’s rays.

5. Also use camo' on your rifle, and all of your other hunting gear and equipment. Most equipment is available with camo' patterns; if you do not this type of equipment, camo' tapes can work well also.

Choosing your camouflage outfit

When selecting camo' outfits, you should adjudge where you will typically be hunting and then blend the pattern to the area’s surroundings.

There is really no need purchasing an expensive and fancy camouflage outfit that you do not actually require. Although camo' is very significant when it comes to hunting, there are many inexpensive good quality camouflage outfits available. Fancy “camo” outfits are usually updated in terms of designs however the quality compared to reasonably priced outfits is almost the same.

If you usually hunt near the ground then you need an outfit made of very robust material and one with scent lock. A waterproof camo' outfit is the best choice, since you can take advantage of the material’s versatility come rain or shine.

Just bear in mind, camouflage should never be a fashion statement. Buying expensive camo' products that are more inclined to the fashion of the outfit rather than functionality would be a foolish decision. Quality and versatility should be your top priority. A good place to start looking for ideas is at

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