Although duck-hunting-boats have changed over the past few years and will continue to do so in the future, the decision making when purchasing a duck hunting boat will remain the same, it must fit your needs.

There are 2 basic kinds of duck-hunting-boats, if you are going to hunt small lakes and sloughs by yourself, then perhaps a something like a 10ft.Carsten Puddler boat will be suitable. It's essentially a wide kayak that lies very low in the water and is camo colored, great for hiding in cattails.

Being very light ( weighing only about 50 pounds ) makes it easy to transport and drag full of decoys to little lakes that no one else can reach. However it is not suitable for hunting medium to large rivers or large lakes out in the open.

If you duck hunt in the flooded timbers with hunting partners then a 16ft. Jon boat will be ideal for 3 hunters, plus all your gear. Add a Mud motor to this duck-hunting-boat if the area you hunt is shallow water with a rocky bottom and has a large amount of floating weeds that will clog up a normal outboard motor. On the Gator Hyper tunnel, the propeller runs, 1.75 inches below the bottom of the boat which allows it to skim over the surface avoiding any damage from floating logs and alike.

An excellent site to get ideas and information on all boating equipment is

The other kind of duck-hunting-boats is the large metal ones with built in blind. These are powered by an outboard motor. You do need to match the boat size and engine power to the water you are hunting. The main thing I would want in this kind of boat is a very easy to use but very good blind assembly. There are two types of motors now. One is a standard outboard, and the other is the Mud Devil type. These are designed to run in very, very shallow water. The size of the boat will also be determined by how many people will be in it. Be very careful to not overload it, allowing some margin in case a storm kicks up and you get into big waves.

In conclusion when thinking about purchasing a duck-hunting-boat, firstly draw up a list of your requirements for example where do you hunt, large bodies of water or shallow sloughs ? do you hunt alone or how many duck hunting partners do you anticipate on having in your boat?

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