Pheasant & Benelli Ultra Light 12 gauge

by Patrick Slevin
(Monticello, Illinois)

Ultra Light

Ultra Light

I have had a progresively bad back since age 26 (am 53 years now,) each year my ability to carry heavier shotguns diminish, this has posed a problem until Benelli came out with their wonderful Ultra Light Shotgun. I chose the 6.1 lbs 12 gauge with a 26" barrel the only draw back to this light gun is recoil. I reload my own ammo so I've been able to solve this problem by reloading 1 1/4 oz. of Magnum Grade 5 shot to a velocity of 1360 ft./sec. This load fired out of my Benelli over dogs is excellent medicine for SD roosters. It has become my "favorite" upland gun and load

Pat Slevin

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