My Secret


My name is Wayne and i live in the U.K. and i have never hunted in my life, if that comes as a shock to you then that's good as it means the content on my pages has been researched diligently.

Being in my 40's and having only a basic education, i have only ever done manual work, nothing to shout about. I work in the local hospital and the pay is poor and so i thought about making a little income from the internet, after all it seems a lot of people were.

So i set myself a challenge, i had aspirations of building a website but most importantly i had the motivation.

So what do i need to build a website? You guessed it something simple to use. Finally i stumbled across SBI, which catered for my every need. (No HTML needed). After wasting a lot of time looking at others, SBI provided tonnes of material and information enabling me to effortlessly build a website with the purpose to profit from it.


The first thing i did was to take their Quick Tour, i nearly fell of my chair, this process for building a website is so simple, it was just what i was looking for, great for a Novice like me.

But one thing scared me, i had to write content for my pages, the fear was soon dismissed after reading their Quality FREE ebooks, which i downloaded and read, they are Make Your Content Presell and Make Your Site Sell, these free ebooks really do show you how easy it is to write content and once you have wrote a page for your site there is an Analyse It button to help you.

"Work At Home Moms" WAHMs choose not to take paid work outside the home, so that their family can be their first priority. SBI provides the flexibility, income generation and personal fulfilment they are seeking. This ebook was written by four successful moms; download it if it applies to you.

Once you have downloaded these Quality ebooks take your time to read them, don't rush, they will educate you and provide you with quality and commonsense applications.

Armed with my new found knowledge i wanted to know how to implement it, so i took a look at the Video Action Guide, a step by step guide to the all-important first days of building a Web business.


If like me you require more information then check these out for proof and case studies DO MORE THAN READ THE WORDS -- read between the lines. Feel the emotion they have for SBI! It is the very rare product that elicits this kind of intensity. If you come across negative reviews, check out their site build it scam reply which explains these reviews are a lie by scammers. SBI! Literally changes small business people's lives. The case studies are powerful proof. Look at the results Conclusion

So why did i choose SBI? It takes the fear out of building a website; you need no programming skills or knowledge, no business and no product to sell. SBI has all the tools you need. They help you find the perfect topic for your site, to build it, to get traffic to it and they even teach you to make money with it.

When i said SBI was simple to use don't get me wrong, it is compact with many systems that over deliver at a click of a button, bringing back information in less than half an hour which normally take a week or more to find yourself. Take a look at the tools that will assist you. If you ever have a problem, then contact they and the same person will stay with you until it is resolved.

No need to feel embarrassed at the forums, because everyone has been in your position along the way, post a thread and get a reply within an hour usually, ever Solo Build It owner is willing to help and share their knowledge, its one big happy family and all for a very reasonable price too. (Full refund, but you won't need it).

So if you have ever had thoughts of owning your own website for whatever reason, you will not go wrong if you checkout this system.

I'm not rich yet, but i see improvement month upon month, my site has only been up for three months and my blog is number 1 in its category and my homepage is number 27 at Google at the time of writing. So if i can do it with a limited education what can you achieve?

If you have any questions and want to talk to the Site Sell Team directly click here they will be more than happy to answer questions related to their system, the only thing you have to loose is an income.